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Playlist Poetry

So… the vibrantly charming H. C. Palmquist had the inspired idea to convert song titles from her randomly shuffled playlist into a poem. I thought it sounded like a fantastic writing exercise—not to mention a much-needed brain break for those of us in the throes of their manuscript’s black moment.     *Bleak stare–raises hand* Jinxie […]

Of Planets and Pufferfish

Gifts are nice. At their best, they’re a thoughtful token of esteem or affection. But sometimes the best kind of gift you can give someone is an experience. My husband gave me a unique experience recently that I wanted to share, in part because it directly pertains to the book series I’m working on. And […]

Homeless Santa (And Other Thoughts On Character Study)

The Dollar Store is great for people watching. I consider it third best, surpassed only by indoor malls and airports. There’s usually someone memorable wandering around, with some quirk I might tuck away later and add to one of my literary characters just for flair and flavor. Hoping to avoid alienation from friends (and/or lawsuits) […]

Inspirational Distractions

I’ve read several perspectives on the countless number of pointless distractions we often impose on ourselves as an avoidance tactic.(Hands down, the ironing of the underwear was my favorite.) And while I found those things valuable to recognize about ourselves, I wanted to take a few moments to shift gears and talk about productive diversions. […]