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Playlist Poetry

So… the vibrantly charming H. C. Palmquist had the inspired idea to convert song titles from her randomly shuffled playlist into a poem. I thought it sounded like a fantastic writing exercise—not to mention a much-needed brain break for those of us in the throes of their manuscript’s black moment.     *Bleak stare–raises hand*

Jinxie then took that idea and leveled it up, with stunning results:

So… here’s my attempt. Not randomly shuffled, but purely derived from my personal playlist.

I’m not okay

Hanging by a moment
Lost in the echo
Waiting for the world to fall

Sleeping awake
Jar of hearts, Between you and me
First world problems
Welcome to the masquerade

Whispers in the dark
Jekyll & Hyde
Madness in me

I’m so sick

Don’t let me get me
No thief like fear
Remind me who I am, Once and for all

Better sorry than safe
With arms wide open, Nothing is wasted
The art of breaking
Worth the pain

The sound of silence
Fully alive
My heartstrings come undone

So what?

Pressing on
Forward motion
No plan B

Breaking the habit
Castle of glass, World inside my head
Feel invincible
The wound is where the light gets in

Stand up
Raise your glass
The end is where we begin

Let’s roll

(Curiously psychological? You betchya. >.> But also quite invigorating! Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m off to tackle my WIP. Feel free to comment with your own version of this exercise, and be sure to check out H.C. Palmquist’s blog!)

Two thoughts on “Playlist Poetry

  1. Love this!!! And quite interesting, yet not surprising, to find many titles that are in my music library. So glad that you enjoyed this writing challenge and thanks for playing along. Pun possibly intended.