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A Book Year in Review

It’s been an eventful literary year! So many series begun and ended. So many promising debut authors, and old favorites offering up new works. The Young Adult genre has been a particular treasure trove. Thanks largely to my assignments through YA Books Central, I’ve read and reviewed more than 80 books over the last 12 […]

Cover Reveal!

       Well, here it is! Almost exact to what I’d originally envisioned. Multitudes of thanks to Danielle Barnum Photography and Revalis Designs for their flexibility in giving me EXACTLY what I asked for…and then giving me something that worked better. >.< Long story short, I’d initially requested the model be walking down the […]

The Old and The New

I finished the memoir on the 8th of January. I feel like I had another child; I keep having people ask me the stats. For my completed clean draft, it shook out to 33 chapters and approximately 162k words. Yes, that’s a big book. I’m somewhat heartened to consider it only took me a year […]